One of the most wonderful ways to personalize your new purchase is with a custom engraving. Our engraving specialists can add your heartfelt message in a number of different fonts and styles.

When it comes to corporate gifts, we can engrave your company name and logo on precious metals, leather, wood, marble, stainless steel, brass, glass and other materials. Essentially, we can engrave anything on any material — even the rounded surface of a picture frame or a wine bottle.

When the gift is unique and the moment is special, adding a message in your own words is the perfect touch. You'll be impressed with our cutting-edge technology and quick turnaround times.

Give us a call today or stop in to discuss the perfect personalization of your next purchase.

Engravings: We offer engravings on almost any item or surface. Engravings have a 0-4 day turnaround time. See below for a limited list of our services:

Metal tumblers: Your logo– $40 for the first cup (set-up fee) and $20 for each additional up to 10 cups, then $15 for each additional cup.

Knives: Blade or handle– $45

Engravable Jewelry purchased from us costing over $300 will be engraved for free. Other jewelry purchased in-store can be engraved for an additional $10 per side. On your own jewelry– $25-$45.

Rings: Inside– $55, Outside– $40

Guns: $75 standard; prices vary depending on the difficulty and location of engraving.

Plaques (wood or presswood+marble finish):

4x6 plaque: 1-5 $23 each, 5-20 $18 each, 20+ $16 each

5x7 plaque: 1-5 $25 each, 5-20 $20 each, 20+ $18 each

7x9 plaque: 1-5 $30 each, 5-20 $28 each, 20+ $25 each

8x10 plaque: 1-5 $45 each, 5-20 $43 each, 20+ $40 each

9x13 plaque: 1-5 $75 each, 5-20 $70 each, 20+ $65 each

12x15 plaque: 1-5 $95 each, 5-20 $85 each, 20+ $75 each

Name Plates: We will supply and engrave common or custom styles of name plates for plaques, desks, wall mountings, etc., which range in price from $5-$30.

Jewelry Repairs: repairs are completed in-house!

Cleanings and checks are always free!

Prong work: Full prong replacement is $60-94 per prong, prong tippings are $38-58 per prong (cost per prong goes down past the first prong).

Ring sizings: $50-$300 per ring (rings soldered together are charged separately unless you would like all rings to be fused together–a process which cannot be undone).

Ring re-shank: $250+

Simple breaks (chains, bails, jump rings): $20-90

Solder rings together: $76-131 for 2 rings together

Stone replacement (diamonds, colored stones, CZ): $10-60 up to 0.05cts, for larger sized stones, the cost varies depending on the quality and type of stone

Pearl restringing is available; contact us for pricing.

*The above prices are based on 14kt and silver jewelry. Prices vary depending on the condition of the item, color of metal, number of stones, and number of sizes up or down.

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